Friday, 20 April 2018

Collage play again

I am enjoying this theme of Alison's at Art Journal Journey so much that I am scheduling a couple of posts! As you know the theme is 'Recycle and Collage'

I had already stuck down the little bit of faux washi tape that I made by picking up paint from my plastic palette when I thought to show the little pile I used to make this - a little bit of gelli print, a piece of paper towel from when I made a print, an old stamp, a die cut flower and piece of gold net and I used one of my hand carved hearts to stamp. 

Thanks for looking, Chris  

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Nature's Beauty at TIOT

We have a new theme at Try It On Tuesday and of course there is so much to see - especially as we now seem to have some better weather! When we went for a local walk the other day we were surprised at the differences that had occurred in just five days!
The Design Team have made some amazing examples so please do take a look here.

Those of you that know me won't be surprised that my choice includes flowers!

I started by wanting to use one of the gelli plate prints I had made. I have had some aperture cards for a while but the pile doesn't seem to go down - my little print fitted perfectly inside so a card it is!!
 I intended keeping it really simple but couldn't resist a bit of spattering! The flowers here are a TH wildflower die cut and a little flower from set I bought at the Orsay Museum in Paris last year.

I love wildflowers as much as cultivated ones - my Mum used to be forever receiving bunches of wild flowers, while Dad, a professional gardener at a nursery, used to become quite frustrated by my begging him to leave a weed in the garden until it had flowered! 
The small flowers represent the white blossom on the trees, that are already beginning to lose some of their petals! I love to see them blowing in the breeze! 

I look forward to seeing Natures Beauty through your eyes. I will try to visit when I have a connection!

Thank you for looking,Chris

Monday, 16 April 2018

The French Connection!

Hi everyone! We are almost certainly on our way by now - a few days in London (with a visit to Kew gardens planned) and then on to Paris for another few days.
My page today, which is for Art Journal Journey and Alison's 'Recycle and Collage' theme, has French connections.
I started with a piece of paper towel mop up paper - you may be surprised to find that I don't save all of my mop up papers - only those that look interesting!
All of the bits were picked out of the same little scraps bag - the top of a paper pad, some die cuts that didn't get used, a negative of a die cut word, a bus ticket from when we traveled by bus to see a stage of the Tour de France, a stamp torn from a letter, a small piece of the fabric our sofa is covered in, a circle of stately home  brochure and a butterfly. I added some Tim Holtz clippings.
I am often surprised by what I find in my scrap bags and how I seem to find just what I am looking for to finish page! 

Thanks for looking! Chris 

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Paint by the sea!

Oh yes! Its another mop up /collage/recycle page for Art Journal Journey! Alison really started something when she chose the 'Recycle and Collage' theme!
I added a piece of Infusions sprinkled paper that I had stamped on unsuccessfully, also here are a Crafty Individuals image torn in half, a circle cut from a photo I took at Formby beach, a circle cut from some under paper, a paintbrush cut from a magazine and a stamped feathers that didn't make it onto a another project! I decided that as I had a paintbrush here I would use my AALL and Create paintbrush stamp - the background is quite dark so I highlighted it with a white pen and then doodled black and white dots on the middle of the page!

I've reached the 'we're going away, so the place must be clean' stage in our preparations!(or is that just me?)

Thanks for looking! Chris

Friday, 13 April 2018

Born to be wild!

Hi everyone! The background here made by using Distress Oxides hadn't turned out so good and had been waiting to be rescued!
I added some turquoise paint through a stencil and added some paper from my spray box - I don't recall how the tree shape got there! I added the other part of the visiting card I use on Starry Night and then came across a receipt from 2015 with a couple of magazines we had bought while up at at our caravan so I just tore that out before throwing it away, then there was a piece of practice stamping with a Seth Apter stamp, a tiny piece of Italian chocolate wrapper and a leftover stamped leaf.
Finally a fancy quote from a set that I seem to have parted from its packaging! 
I am quite pleased with my rescue page! It reminds me of some of the walks we take.

I am linking to Alison's theme at Art Journal Journey - Recycle and Collage

Thanks for looking, Chris 

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Starry Night!

Hi everyone! 
I am so enjoying Alison's theme at Art journal Journey - 'Recycle and Collage' is just what I have been doing! The only thing is that when I start I enjoy it so much that I don't stop at one page so unless I schedule some posts for next week I will have a huge backlog and may keep some to myself!!!
As I have mentioned before I have one or two bags of bits and pieces of leftovers from projects, magazine clippings, tickets, chocolate wrappers, birthday card bits, under papers from spraying or painting, things I just pick up - so I have a lot of choice of what I can use for collages. 
This page started as a mop up page (as they often do)
I have also been trying to use up some old products, so here behind the image transfer is a K and Company tag. I hope you will have a look around the page for...part of a birthday card, part of a visitor card, a piece of stamped mop up paper, an Italian chocolate wrapper and the motto that was inside it, a piece of tape that picked up some paint from my lid 'palette', some washi tape, a circle cut from a stately home brochure, a scrap of book paper and a piece of chocolate paper that had some stars cut from it.

I would also like remind you that Try It On Tuesday's theme 'Recycle Something' is still running until next Monday (16th April)

Thanks for looking, Chris

Wednesday, 11 April 2018


Last Saturday was the day of the Tracy Easson workshop at Rowan Tree Crafts in Carnforth.

I have already shown you what we made in the morning. The afternoon was just as much fun.

We made a wall hanging 'thingie' as Tracy described it!
The stamp is just a head and shoulders and we were shown how to extend it to create a body!
I have put a pen at the side of it to give you an idea of size.
Once again wonky stitches were required! 
On the sample that Tracy had made there was a boat on the girlie's head but I  found myself drawing a bird! 

Now, Tracy encourages us to name our girls, and I don't know whether you noticed, but on my book cover with Mary on there is a tiny piece of book paper showing.
I had chosen this paper, not by looking through the box that Tracy had brought, but by dipping in and pulling out the first piece I touched! I was surprised to see the name Orleans leap out at me. It was one of my favourite cities to visit when we went in 2015 and while there we went to learn about Joan Of Arc. You already know about my love of Eleanor of Aquitaine but Joan is another strong female figure in history that I admire!
Now Joan came to mind but it didn't seem right, so until later that evening she didn't have a name, then, just as Mary had decided on her own name, Joan was (as modern girl) going to be called Joni!
The words on her gesso dress came from the same piece of paper and were cut out randomly from different parts of the page to say something about her!
The words by her head are some of Tracy's cut from my Mary stamp from Which Craft in Doncaster.
'Quiet strength takes courage' are from one of Lynne Moncreiff's That's Crafty sets.

The other words are by AALL and Create's Tracy Evans (two different sets)

You can see here the sample that Tracy made, sorry it's upside down but one of the girls was using it to help her while she was making hers.
Oh! You can also see here one of the cards that Tracy made for us all, with the colours she used written down for us. 

As I finished this at home I was able to add some of my own lace.
I haven't yet been able to hang her up as I need some time to find the best way and we are a little busy getting ready for our trip! 

Thanks for looking and I hope you will forgive me for not getting to many blogs at the moment. I am not so quick on my phone and hubby has been printing out tickets etc, and we also have the threat of a train strike (again!)