Friday, 21 July 2017

Sunshine on a rainy day!

We are hoping that the weather isn't as bad as the torrential downpours recently that have flooded some homes, but we are expecting rain while we are away!
I don't know about you but Sunflowers always make me smile which is why I bought this Paper Artsy JoFY51 set as soon as I saw it!
The background was, pretty much as usual, already in my large journal, I stamped the flower and masked it before stamping the stem.

I am linking again to Art Journal Journey where Elizabeth's theme is Summertime Love
I did try to grow a sunflower this year but something ate it - slugs I think, so I will just have to enjoy looking at this one! 
The caravan garden was looking OK last weekend although the calendula has also been eaten!
My Buddlea has it's first flower

This is on our decking - yes that is a frog's foot you can see - it's plastic and hubby thought it would amuse our grandchildren!!!!
The red hot pokers are almost at an end but we have some kind of Lily (help please Helen!)beyond them!
Uh! Oh! a nettle too!!
The frost we had back in May turned all of the Hydrangea buds brown and shrivelled so I picked them off - there are more flowers than ever but they are smaller!
This fly was sunbathing!
My mint has gone wild - it is in large pot but so many insects are visiting it that I am leaving it as it is!

I attempted a bit of Topiary on the box bush which was getting out of hand…err…it's supposed to be a heart!

 Thanks for looking, Chrisx

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Shiny happy flowers!

I was just messing around trying to get started on something else but nothing was happening so I sprinkled some PA Infusions onto a page, dabbed it partly dry and then left it overnight!
Ha! Ha! What then - not a clue but felt compelled to do something with it!!
Kim Dellow's flower to the rescue, my Paper Artsy stamps are always right in front of me on my shelf so I didn't have to look far!
Stamped it and then used some glittery pens to colour it while I watched part of the Tour de France!
To finish it I added some glittery aqua coloured circles punched from an old Christmas card and added some doodling with my white Sharpie pen.
With this completed I am entering in Paper Artsy's latest challenge - Aqua.
I found this so therapeutic to just sit and colour I shall be doing some more I think! 

Thanks for looking! Chris

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Let it Shine!

Now, all together, I do hope you are singing the Take That song! 
The title is our new challenge at Try It On Tuesday! Something shining is all we need - the Design Team have been busy and it's definitely worth taking a look at what they have been doing!

Okay, do you want to change song? I have made a card which might help!
I used some Brusho colours onto watercolour paper along with some Cosmic Shimmer Pixie Powder - it gives such a great sheen!I added a little stencilling.
This was from the same sheet of paper which I only remembered to
photograph after I had done my stamping!!
I stamped Tracy Easson's Wonky Nellie Ellie stamp onto the paper! I  also stamped her onto some white card that I had coloured (can't remember how  - it's been around a while!)and stuck it on top of the stamped image - that way Tracy's fine details still shows!
I drew in some more grass and flowers and coloured the little hearts with gold pen.
As the top of the paper had mainly yellow on I just stamped my trusty old Rubber Stampede Sun with Archival black ink.
The words from Paper Artsy JoFY set 51 were stamped onto blue card and cut out.

I hope my card will make someone happy!

The Let It Shine challenge runs for two weeks, why not check out the rules and join in?

Thanks for looking, Chrisx

Monday, 17 July 2017

T Stands for - taking it easy!

We had a longer break than usual last week so I apologise for late visits (I think I got to everybody though!)
We were able to spend more time at out caravan - good weather was promised and we have finally completed the decking!
The internet connection is getting worse and I have decided it's not worth worrying over - I will visit when I can but sometimes I don't even get chance to read a post before it cuts off!
It gave us a chance to get out too! 
On Thursday we went up to Kendal - I had couple of visits I wanted to make and we also thought we would take a look at the sales!
The ducks were on a little island in the River Kent - this is the river that was a raging torrent in the Winter!

 Here is where I join Bluebeard and Elizabeth for T Stands For Tuesday!
Our first stop was Farrer's where we had tea(hubby) and coffee(me) and shared a toasted teacake (a sweet yeast bread bun that has raisins in it) 

Hubby smothered his with jam!

We had  wander around the shops and then went to our favourite place for lunch - Baba Ganoush……except….it was strangely rather deserted and the menu had been halved with none of our favourites on! 
We opted for a chicken, avocado and sun dried tomato ciabatta and while it was OK I don't think we will be going again for a while!
We later learned, while chatting with friends that it has changed hands…shame!!

We called into Aldi on the way home and I found these - £2.49 for 6 pots of neon paints - they had other colour sets too but these appealed to me most!
 Below are the results of a playtime with them

They mixed to make more subtle colours too!
There may just be a clue as to what my ATC's look like….
In case you didn't know we are celebrating 4 years of T Stands For Tuesday over at The Altered Booklover

Looking forward to seeing what everyone has been drinking this week!
Thanks for looking, Chris

By the Sea

Home again and I have another page ready for joining in at Art Journal Journey! Bleubeard and Elizabeth had plenty of ideas in the introductory post this month for the theme of Summertime Love so here I am at the seaside! 

I had a background sitting(as they often do)in one of my large journals, just waiting for me to decide what to do with it! While looking through my scraps I found a paint sample card that I had picked up ages ago! I tore off the brand name and then just around the edges (leaving the advertising words) and placed it on the page - really pleased to find this start to my page!
I stamped the Dina Wakley bird onto some card that was leftover from a Brusho playtime. I stamped the shells (a Lindsay Mason stamp) randomly around the bottom of the page and added some loose weave gauze before adding the image.
The page already had some stencilling on it but I added some more (using a wavy stencil)and a bit of stamping - filmstrip edge and some dots and a Visible Images word. Finally I drew in some seagulls!

I haven't been around much lately for looking at blogs! The reception at our caravan is getting worse so I can only really use my phone on the move or if we are lucky enough to be in a cafe with Wi-Fi, which of course means I am either distracted by the scenery or I am one of those annoying folk who sit and ignore their partners and I'm afraid that's not really me!(Well, maybe for a short time!!!!)

Thanks for looking, Chris


Saturday, 15 July 2017

In the garden again!

I love pottering in our caravan garden and by now I should have done quite a bit of tidying!
We have a lot of buttercups that seem to spread themselves around a bit! They do choke other plants but I can't help liking them so leave a few dotted around!
This is not a buttercup but one of Tracy Scotts flowers standing in!
The background is a mop up page, onto which I have stamped some random TS flowers and some text! The quote is from a JoFy set.
I am linking to Elizabeth's theme at Art Journal Journey - Summertime Love.

I am sorry for not making as many blog visits as I would like - we shall be home soon!

Thanks for looking, Chris

Friday, 14 July 2017

Flutter by…...

We haven't seen many butterflies this Summer - I'm not sure whether we are just in the wrong places and other folk are getting to see them!
We did see a huge dragonfly though, hovering along the path we take through the wooded part of our walk around the perimeter of our village!It seemed to follow us for a while before veering off. The sun was shining through the leaves and it looked so beautiful!

I wish I could have caught the shimmer on the wings!
I am linking (with crossed fingers) to Art Journal Journey for Elizabeth's great Summertime Love theme.

We are off to visit a garden today - hope we see some butterflies there! 
Have a great weekend!
Thanks for looking, Chrisx